Tucson Weekly Feature Article – The Story of Mac & Jill

The Story of Mac & Jill



Jean Reports

Mac went to Jill’s place of employment. Jill and Mac went early in the morning to get Mac acclimated to the work place.It was all very new to Mac. He met several of Jill’s co workers, who of course fell in love with him. Jill reports that she feels secure and and less anxious in public when she travels with Mac.

From Jean

I phone Jill today curious to see how it was going.  She said she was bonding with Mac. She has already been to several stores with him.  She expressed that she feels very secure and less anxious when he is with her.

Busy Day

Mac had a busy day.  He went to the restaurant to meet Jill’s boss.  He didn’t go alone. He had plenty of company.

There was Jill, her boss, the general manager of where Jill is employed.  Also Lynn his wonderful foster/ trainer, Jean Williams from AGR, the Millers founders of Operation Wolfhound, and Zack the intrepid photojournalist of Tucson Weekly.  Mac slept in the corner of the restaurant while we ate and talked.

He went to his veteran’s Jill home today 5/29 to stay!  It was wonderful to see them together.  Mac knows he belongs to Jill.

Mac then went to Jill’s home where he did a “security sweep”.  Met other members of his pack: a rat, 2 cats and of course Hailey who he has met before.  He explored the backyard.

Alicia did some training with Mac to know how to pick up a prescription medicine bottle.  He understood it after 3 times.  Of course it helps to have a great motivator..cheese glorious cheese.

In order to strengthen the bonding process, Jill was going to act as Mac’s “woobie” or security blanket for the next several days.  She will have to feed him from her hand.  She will be holding or having near her Mac’s leash for 24/7.  Mac needs to figure out who is his new permanent human. 

Mac and Jill will continue their training journey with the Millers of Operation Wolfhound.  AGR wishes Mac and Jill much happiness.

Jean will still be monitoring Jill and Mac’s progress and attending training sessions to post on Mac’s blog.

So stay tuned!

Mac & Chihuahuas

Did training with Mac today and he was solid as a rock as he met 3 chihuahuas. Two of them are rescues that Mac’s person is fostering and the third is her sweetheart. He let the tiny white chi stand on his back as he was walking around. 

It is always wonderful to see the joy and purpose that comes to a sighthound when they know what they are going to do with the rest of their life. Two months ago Mac was still very excitable on the end of a leash, pulling and jumping around and highly distractable. Today he was perfect on the leash as chihuahuas were at his feet, walking on lead next to him and even when the sweetie was scooped up and stood on his back to see if he would object to such a tiny thing in a ‘dominance’ position. Mac has figured out what his people want from him and is so quiet and happy to do it. He wears his vest with comfort and enjoys walking around and standing with his people.

He will be going with his vet soon and will be doing the training with her for further tasks.